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Medwood Strategic Partnership – Archisearch.gr – Design Ambassador
In the context of Medwood 26 – 29 April 2018 at the Metropolitan Expo, a new series of actions, entitled | the | Architect Show | with the strategic collaboration of the leading online platform for Architecture and Design, Archisearch.gr and curated by Vassilis Bardzokas, Design Ambassador.

The theme of the Conference is:
Leisure Architecture & Resorts
Saturday 28.4 Start time 12.30

At the conference on Residential Architecture and Design, renowned architects and designers will be designing holiday homes for individuals as well as large hotel groups such as Dimitris Potiropoulos of the Potiropoulos + Partners office and studios whose works are in the Costa Navarino portfolio, Sotiris Tsergas of the Block 722 office, Aristides Dallas with award-winning work in Tinos, John Dourida of the RCTECH team, Michalis Mavrolon of A&M Architects, Katerina Vor oni and Fania Sinanioti of Vois Architects office, o Thomas Doxiadis from Doxiadis Office Plus and others.

Ria Vojiatzi of Elastic Architects, Casa Cook’s architect in Kos Elias Mastrominas, will speak from the hotel resorts design site, with other major names expected from Design Architecture and Tourism Investment in the coming days. Protagonist journalist, communications expert and Tourism expert Christina Poutetsi as well as Architect Magda Sgouridis will present / coordinate and more than 500 Architects, Designers, Engineers and Tourism people are expected to attend.

Details and full schedule of the conference will be announced soon.

Image: Vacation House in Messinia-Navarino Residences Competition | Potiropoulos + Partners

“Seminar at Medwood International Exhibition 2016”

The sixth annual Medwood Professional Fair will take place April 7-10 at the METROPOLITAN EXPO Exhibition Center (Athens Airport Eleftherios Venizelos).

The aim of the exhibition is to inform about innovations and new trends in design, construction, new technologies and green architecture, always having the lead in wood.

In addition to being fully informed about all new products, visitors will have the opportunity to take part in the seminar on:

“Wood in Bioclimatic Architecture”

to be held during Building Green Open Space 2016 on Sunday, April 10, 2016.

11:15 “Shading the Bioclimatic Design of a Building” Speech by Professor Touliatos P. Emeritus Professor at the National Technical University of Athens, School of Architecture. He has lectured on the architecture and seismic behavior of wooden structures. He has been involved in large-scale construction – renovations of old structures and design of light wood structures.
Head of department of Architecture Frederick University.

11:50 “Natural wood, of course” Speech by S. D. Dionysis Sotovikis was born in Athens in 1970. From 1991 to 1996 she studied Architecture at the Architectural Association (AA) in London. In 2015 he was elected Secretary General of the Hellenic Institute of Architecture, while maintaining his own architectural office, at WORKSHOP, in a multilevel space of creation and exhibition. He has designed and implemented a number of projects throughout Greece, but also in New York and Cyprus.

12:25 “The role of wood as an extremely useful material in modern architecture” Speech by Dr. Dalal G. Professor of Wood Technology, Department of Wood and Furniture Design and Technology.

The seminar has a starting time of 11:00, runs until 13:00 and participation is free. Enrollments are due by April 8, 2016 at: seminars@medwood.gr.

For more information you can visit the exhibition presentation on www.medwood.gr, the Medwood Facebook page or contact e-mail: ad@medwood.gr and tel: +30 210 2931011.



Saturday, May 10, 2014 “DAY: Passive House Bioclimatic Buildings and Energy Constructions”

The workshop entitled “Passive House Constructions for Bioclimatic Behavior and Energy” takes place in the context of promoting the ecological bioclimatic ways of building modern homes. Participants will have the opportunity to hear what the term Passive House really means, what are the basic principles of planning such a construction, as well as what business horizons are being opened up after increased interest in Europe and not only for such investments.


1. The Concepts of Bioclimatic Behavior and the Meaning of Energy Saving Touliatos Panagiotis, Emeritus Professor of Architecture

2. The role of (initial) architectural design of a building for its optimal bioclimatic behavior and its minimum energy expenditure Alexandros Eleni, Lecturer, School of Architecture, NTUA

3. The Passive Wooden House as a Growth and Creation of New Jobs in Eco-Non-Energy Constructions Gunter Lang, Head of the Passivhaus Austria Network of Experts since 2013

4. Upgrading the bioclimatic behavior and energy efficiency of an existing building Touliatos Panagiotis

Panagiotis Touliatos Emeritus Professor at the National Technical University of Athens, School of Architecture. He has lectured on the architecture and seismic behavior of wooden structures. He has been involved in large-scale construction – renovations of old structures and design of light wood structures.

Gunter Lang
Head of Passivhaus Austria Network of Experts since 2013, certified passive home designer, as well as speaker at national and international conferences, seminars and training courses on the subject of passive homes, covering all aspects of the field.

Helen Alexandrou Diploma NTUA Architect Engineer, March II UCLA, Assistant Professor of NTUA School of Architecture, in the area of ​​Architectural Technology. He specializes in sustainable and bioclimatic design issues. Research and scientific interests cover a broad spectrum related to the exploration and application of sustainability principles in the design of conventional and sophisticated structures, bioclimatic design systems, as well as the study of traditional building systems and their energy behavior.

Time of Origin: 10:30 am
Duration: 11:00 am to 13:00 pm
Break: 15 minutes at the end of the second talk
REGISTRATIONS: Enrollments are available online by May 8, 2014 at www.medwood.gr/seminar and by e-mail: seminars@medwood.gr

DAY 1: 31 MARCH 2012

Subject: The role of wood in the energy performance of a building, innovative applications and maintenance of wood construction

PROGRAM (free admission)

10.30 Registration

11.00 Greetings and Addresses

11.30 Engineer use of wood in accordance with energy saving requirements Nikos Zygouris, SPME President

11.45 The present and future of energy auditing: what is today and the prospects for the profession of engineer / architect Dimitris Athanasiou, Special Associate of YPEKA

12.10 The role of shading in modern bioclimatic architecture Eleni Alexandrou, Lecturer, School of Architecture, NTUA

12.45 Coffee break

13.00 Energy reflections in modern construction Dr. Panagiotis Touliatos, Emeritus Professor of School of Architecture

13.40 The wooden window and its contribution to energy saving in the modern building Dr. George Dalos Associate Professor of Wood and Furniture Design and Technology

14.10 The possibilities of preserving wood in construction Dr. Michalis Skarvelis, Professor of Wood and Furniture Design and Technology.

14.40 Discussion – Questions

Register online by March 30, 2012 at e-news@epipleon.gr

DAY 2: Meeting by the Association of Holistic Architecture at Medwood 2012 (admission free)

The Association of Holistic Architecture (SOLAR) and ECODOMINE Magazine in collaboration with MedExpo are organizing a workshop on “PASSIVE BUILDINGS” from bioclimatic architecture and zero energy consumption, to energy consumption, to energy consumption and films from passive buildings. The conference will take place on Saturday, March 31, 2012 at 5:00 pm as part of the Medwood Exhibition Hall at the Metropolitan Expo Exhibition Center, Eleftherios Venizelos Airport


1. K. St. Tsipira Arch. Dr. Spatial Planning, founder of SOLAR, editor of ECODOMIN, www.tsipiras.gr: “Holistic Passive Buildings: Philosophy and Design Techniques for Future Buildings”.

2. LAZAROS SOFIANIDIS, Mich. Electrical Engine Ref. president SOLAR, www.s-ol-ar.gr, author of ECODOMIN: “Passive buildings: Basic principles, design criteria, air ducts and heat exchangers”.

3. Xenia Katsigianni Chief Engineer, Secretary General of SOLAR author ECOODOMIN, www.ecodomein.gr: “Geobiology and Ecological Structure”.

4. Christina Economou Arch. member of the board of SOLAR author of ECODOMIN, Facebook Page “Eco floors”.

5. George Mantanis, Professor of TEI of Larissa Doctor of WISCONSIN-MADISON “New modified timber products: their technological properties and their applications in our country”.

6. Open discussion with the public. In addition, we would like to inform you that during the event we will officially present the 5th issue of ECODOMINE Magazine, dedicated to the passive buildings and interview of the great architect and member of SOLAR, Alexandros Tobazis.

Register online by March 30, 2012 at e-news@epipleon.gr